When it comes to a classroom lockdown, securing the door needs to be the priority. The Step1 device helps teachers not only secure the door first but do it faster than any other method.

Secure your Door in One Step

Other reasons "WHY" the Step1 is right solution for you:

  • The Step1 Device is California compliant, meeting all DSA and State Fire Marshal requirements for use in California Schools

  • The Step1 is stronger, more durable and guaranteed, unlike the Lock Blok.

  • Low-cost solution to help teachers not only secure the door first, but do it faster than any other method.

  • Included with purchase: THREE-YEAR manufacturer's warranty

  • FREE SHIPPING on ORDERS of 50 or more.

  • When a lockdown is initiated, the door can be locked in a matter of seconds by simply sliding the Step1 device back and allowing the door to quickly close. All this can be done without outside exposure to the person locking the door!

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