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Emergency Preparedness Solutions & Training

For Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc., helping people gain new skills and acquire knowledge in safety and emergency preparedness is not only a commitment, it is a passion. With our KSL Campus Training Center, a wide variety of courses and trainings, as well as emergency preparedness consulting, our dedicated team of instructors make learning effortless and empowering.

Check out our site to learn more about our emergency preparedness solutions serving clients through our Northern California Division and Los Angeles/Orange County Division. National solutions are also available.  


Our Services include:

  • Site-Specific Lockdown Training, Communication & De-Escalation Courses

  • Emergency Operations Plan Consultation, Incident Command Systems

  • Site Risk Assessments, Fire Mapping Mitigation, Safety Staff Trainings (SB 390)

  • Patented Safety Lockdown Product - Step1 Device

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