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Safety Trainings

Site Specific Lockdown Training

Let us turn your staff into a united safety team. In this site-specific training, learn how to transition swiftly from teaching our future leaders to enacting emergency situation protocol. Learn situational awareness, best practices for response options to an active threat, physical response options using a fire extinguisher as an improvised weapon, and practice live drills to build muscle memory awareness.


Respond to an emergency situation based on the layout of your property as well as the design of the building or area, the employee’s work and prior experience in our basic site-specific lockdown course. Learn how to recognize threats from a distance, review improvised weapon options, how to stop a bleed, and evacuation techniques from inside a building or from outside to inside a building.

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Know your options for safety while at work. In this site-specific training we help you identify evacuation routes and how to mitigate risks when they occur for various emergency situations. Learn situational awareness, best practices for response options to workplace violence, physical response options using a fire extinguisher as an improvised weapon, and learn bleeding control techniques.


Let this tactical driving training compliment your bus driver’s safe driving while managing students. Learn response options to react safely to an emergency both on and off the bus as well as best practices for communication between the bus driver, dispatcher, and a 911 operator. The course also includes a slow speed driving course and the nationally recognized certified training program, “Stop the Bleed.”


This is a three-day consecutive (24-hour) training program to meet all requirements of SB390. It is hands on, it is informative and it will train your safety staff how to properly manage situations. Your staff will return to the work site trained and empowered. This course is certified by The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).


The purpose of ICS is to provide a common language for both school district staff and first responders to an emergency. ICS helps provide an organizational structure that can grow rapidly in response to the requirements of the emergency. We will train your team based on the individual goals of the district.

Business Meeting

Choose from our long list of training topics or request a topic of your own, taught by one of our subject-matter experts. We can customize any professional development courses. We offer a variety of training modules in one-hour sessions so you can choose the topics and adjust the length of the training program. See full catalog to peruse topics.

Emergency Preparedness Consulting

Risk Assessment Report & Video

Let us make your campus safer by providing a list of clearly defined recommendations to identified physical and procedural vulnerabilities. We do this by first meeting with leadership, accessing your campus as a visitor and providing a report outlining risks and solutions. Upon presentation of solutions we share our “Secret Shopper” video, allowing you to see our access to your site through the lens of a visitor.

Wildfire Prevention Consulting & Mapping

Our team of retired wildland fire supervisors will assess the exterior of your property. We will build a comprehensive report identifying fire risks as well as outlining the preventive maintenance measures that can be taken throughout the year. The report will describe what hazards need to be removed, trimmed, or cleared and what the State Fire Marshall recommends from within 30 feet to 100 feet of your buildings.


Pursuant to labor Code 6401.9, we will build your plan so you can keep your work flows going. Feel confident in knowing what to do in the case of a workplace violence situation and how to record it. Your employees will have clarity in your organization’s foresight in emergency preparedness. Ensuring compliance while preparing together unites a team and deters violence.

Concept of Emergency Preparedness Plan. Business Evacuation Training Concept. Emergency pr

Let our team review, update, develop and train your team how to implement an emergency operations plan. This is required for government agencies or districts for use in the Incident Command System (ICS) protocols. An EOP details what a facility or agency will do during a disaster. We will collect specific organizational data to restructure a new, easy to navigate plan.

School Building

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 1747, and due every March, we look to get this plan to you well before your board needs to approve it. Let us help by developing a “safety plan” relevant to the needs and resources of your school. "Safety", in terms of these plans includes aspects of social, emotional, AND physical safety for both youth and adults at all K-12 schools. Plan completion time averages around 15-30 days.

Subject Matter Expert Consulting & Training

Do you need directional support on a special situation? We offer our professional consulting services to take care of all the other things you need to find a solution to. Our main goal is to spread safety and emergency preparedness through the disbursement of knowledge. This comes from our combination of over 1,300 years of experience and is how knowledge saves lives.

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