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About Us

It is our mission at Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc. is to help you plan, prepare, and empower your team to succeed during an emergency. We achieve this by offering Safety and Emergency Preparedness Training, a Lockdown Product “Step1 Device”, and Expert Consulting Services. Since it is our vision to become the Evolving Standard of Excellence in Safety and Emergency Training, every service is customized. Our Services include Site Specific Lockdown Trainings, Bus Driver & MOT Emergency Response Training, K-12 School Risk Assessment Report & Custom Training Video, Communication & De-Escalation Course, Comprehensive School Safety Plans, Emergency Operations & Comprehensive Safety Plans, Incident Command Systems (ICS), Video Surveillance Project Consulting & Mapping, Workplace Violence Mitigation & Prevention, Wildfire Prevention & Mitigation Mapping, CA SB390 Campus Security Course, and Subject Matter Expert Consulting. In addition, we offer a Lockdown Device called the “Step1 Device”. The Step1 Device is a lockdown product that affixes to the interior of a classroom door, just above the door handle or mechanism. The Step1 Device keeps a door slightly ajar while allowing the door's lock mechanism to be engaged. In a lockdown situation, the Step1 Device allows you to swiftly allow your door's lock to engage by sliding the Step1 Device in the closed position. When it comes to a classroom lockdown, securing the door needs to be the priority. The Step1 Device helps teachers not only secure the door first but do it faster than any other method. To standardize how schools conduct lockdowns, teachers and staff need to be able to secure the door quickly and efficiently. Replacing door locks is extremely expensive and not always feasible. The STEP1 Device provides a low cost, standardized solution to classroom lockdowns. Knowledge Saves Lives Incorporated is the largest California based law enforcement training and consulting firm dedicated to improving school safety. Established in 2010, we have proudly served insurance companies, public and private schools, community colleges and universities, small and large businesses, churches, healthcare organizations and City, County, State, and Federal agencies. Our organization is made up of emergency response professionals, including current and retired law enforcement officers, firefighters, correctional officers, and military veterans. We use repetitive muscle memory training, as well as employee and job specific information to build a custom training curriculum for you and your employees. When you rely on us for safety training and services, trust that you're learning from the experts. Our training will elevate your emergency response and reduce injuries and casualties in any life-threatening situation.


To help you plan, prepare, and empower your team to succeed during an emergency.


To become the evolving standard of excellence in safety and emergency training.

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