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CASB553 Workplace Violence Prevention Plan & Training

CA SB 553 Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

Pursuant to labor Code 6401.9, we will build your plan so you can keep your work flows going. Feel confident in knowing what to do in the case of a workplace violence situation and how to record it. Your employees will have clarity in your organization’s foresight in emergency preparedness. Ensuring compliance while preparing together unites a team and deters violence.

CA SB 553

This California law requires an employer to establish, implement, and maintain, at all times in all work areas, an effective workplace violence prevention plan containing specified information. The law requires the employer to record information in a violent incident log for every workplace violence incident, as specified. 


Our team is comprised of retired law enforcement and fire experts who have extensive experience implementing public safety policies. Our staff has provided resources and training to insurance companies, businesses, government entities and hundreds of school districts. 

Cost Savings

Reduce your costs. Rather than assign this huge responsibility to an employee who will spend hundreds of hours researching the laws and requirements, let our team of experts ensure your organization is compliant and most of all safe.


Expect an easy to use document that will not interfere with the workflow of your business or organization. This plan can be easily updated by the organization as needed for future use.

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