President & Chief Executive Officer

Paul has more than 18 years in law enforcement and spent nearly 5 years as an undercover agent with one of the most prestigious task forces in California. Paul has been recognized as as a subject matter expert and court appointed expert witness numerous times regarding workplace violence as well as possession for sales of controlled substances. Paul continued his education from Fresno State University along with becoming a certified instructor in various emergency preparedness fields from The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. He has consulted for fortune 500 companies, large and small businesses, County, State and Federal agencies, utility companies and more than 150 California school districts. He has been interviewed as a guest expert by several television and radio stations regarding emergency preparedness. He has collaborated and consulted for members of State Senate, Congress, State Assembly as well as City, County and State law enforcement agencies. Paul was the only nominee selected from Merced County to participate and graduate from the  class of 2019 SBA Emerging Leaders Program. Paul continues to serve his local community as a level one reserve police officer and was recently reelected to serve as the Los Banos Police Officer's Association President for a fifth consecutive term.


Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Luiana received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from CSU Stanislaus. She brings more than 20 years of experience in business administration, investment, and financial accounting. Prior to joining Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc. in 2018, Luiana proudly served for 7 years in the public sector at the Stanislaus County Employees’ Retirement Association, where she participated in the management of a 1.7-billion-dollar pension system. During this period Luiana experienced how a financial institution persevered through the challenges of the Great Recession through teamwork, prudence, and strategic problem-solving. Luiana is versed in three languages and immigrated to the United States from Angola with her family in the early '80s. She is grateful, and proud to be an American Citizen, and attributes her success as a Portuguese African woman to the opportunities offered by the American dream. Through organization, process improvements, and implementation of new systems, Luiana provided an environment for Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc. to operate more efficiently and grow. In turn, the company was able to create a Southern California Division, Products Division, and Marketing Division. These are all improvements made with the intent to better serve the client and to capitalize on talent already residing within the company.



Chief of Staff

Daniel is a 20-year law enforcement veteran currently working as a K9 operator for the Tracy Police Department. Daniel has held many positions in his career including Field Training Officer, Range Master, narcotics investigator, and served as member for two different regional SWAT teams. Daniel also has an extensive military background and is a United States Marine Corps veteran. He has been involved in several critical incidents over his career and has investigated and responded to situations of workplace violence. Daniel has interviewed and recruited some of the top violence mitigation experts in the Country. Daniel has taken his extensive knowledge of workplace violence prevention and mitigation, narcotics, criminal street gangs, and firearms, and applied his expertise to our programs..



Chief of Operations

Preston is a 15-year law enforcement veteran with specific training and expertise serving as a School Resource Officer, POST Training Manager, Patrol Supervisor, and SWAT Team Leader. Preston is a POST certified instructor for several law enforcement courses, including Active Shooter and a Range Master. He furthered his education by completing instructor courses from The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as creating curriculum for both the California Senate Bill (SB1626 and SB390) campus security programs. He is recognized as a subject matter expert in the field of workplace violence prevention and mitigation as well as campus safety and security.  Preston has taught numerous law enforcement officers, teachers, school administrators, and other professionals. He has also testified as an expert witness regarding firearms. Preston was awarded a Medal of Valor for a hostage rescue operation that took place in 2011.



Chief of Products

Phil began his education attending Columbia College and becoming part of the fire service. For the last twenty years he has worked in the food processing industry and serves as an OSHA instructor and confined space search and rescue trainer and supervisor. In 2010 he began to research and test school safety products as well as workplace violence mitigation tools. During his research, Phil designed and invented the first California compliant classroom lockdown device, the STEP1 device. In 2019 Phil authored the patent for the STEP1 device and began working with US and overseas manufacturing companies for production and distribution of the product. 


Northern California Projects Director

I retired from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in June 2017 and joined KSL in July 2017.  I worked as an officer for the CHP in San Jose and in the Central Valley for just shy of 30 years.  After retirement, I realized I still had  a passion and drive to serve my community.  Once I started working with KSL and became familiar with our curriculum, I realized I had found a great match to continue contributing to my community.  My training and experience as a law enforcement officer while working for the CHP prepared me well for the work we do at KSL with training events and with our consulting services.


I have two daughters who were in high school when I started at KSL and I quickly realized helping educators prepare for emergencies was an excellent and very needed and necessary service.  We trained the staff at the school district where my kids attended, and when my youngest was a senior in high school, I got that call one day.  Well, it was a text from my daughter.  Her text read, "There's a shooter on campus."  The campus locked down quickly and efficiently and nobody was physically hurt.  It ended up being a hoax.  An unknown student stole a walkie talkie from a janitor and yelled, "Shooter on campus! Shooter on campus!" into the radio.  So the entire town was terrified and traumatized for about 3 hours until it was discovered to be a hoax.  I, too, was terrified for my daughter and her classmates and teachers.  During those moments, I wished EVERY educator everywhere had gone through our training, and I realized I wanted to teach every educator everywhere how to prepare for emergencies and especially how to lock down the classroom.  I look forward to working with you. 



Southern California Projects Director

P.J. Guida comes to Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc. with more than 30 years of law enforcement experience in the Southern California area. He rose through the ranks of law enforcement, eventually being promoted to Police Lieutenant with the Santa Monica Police Department. He is currently assigned as the Special Assistant to the Director at the Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force (L.A. IMPACT).
He began his career in law enforcement as a forensic specialist and worked various assignments to include Patrol, Community Relations, Public Information Officer (PIO), Internal Affairs, Youth & Family Services, SWAT, Narcotics (L.A. IMPACT), and various crime impact teams. In 2002, Lieutenant Guida was awarded the Young Police Officer of the Year Award for his work in helping establish the department’s first Youth & Family Services Division. P.J has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice - Management, a graduate of the FBI National Academy (#218), and the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training’s (POST) Command College.


Senior Consultant / Marketing / Webmaster

Brian Carr has more than 30+ years of experience in law enforcement, including the California Highway Patrol and the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office. Brian has received specific training and experience in terrorism threat assessment and site surveys at multiple state buildings. He has prepared reports and supporting documents on hardening target locations, and emergency preparedness against threats of violence. Brian promoted to the position of Patrol Sergeant with the California Highway Patrol, retiring in 2018.

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Administrative Assistant

Kristina received her Child Development Degree from William Jessup University. She works as a teacher for Clovis Unified School District and has more than eight years of experience working with students in public education classrooms. Kristina is our Report Editor and ensures the quality and accuracy of our documents prepared for our clients.


Executive Assistant

Victoria, who has more than 10 years of clerical experience, joined Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc. in 2018 and says she enjoys every minute of it. Victoria is a very considerate and hard working person. She processes training evaluations, class certifications and conducts other administrative duties. Victoria enjoys sharing adventures with her family such as mudding, fishing, animal watching and sports.



Special Projects Supervisor

Kris began his career in the United States Air Force, specializing in high-value priority resource protection and security. He became an expert in weapons qualifications and was a fire team leader as well as a squad leader. Kris has spent the 11 years as a correctional officer and was promoted to sergeant with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He has received extensive training in the field of firearms from the Front Sight Firearm Training Institute. Kris has brought his insight from military security protocol, as well as safety policies from the California prison system, to help keep schools safe. He has continued his education in the field of aviation and video surveillance best practices. Kris currently oversees camera mapping as well as fire prevention mapping for clients across the State. 


Senior Consultant/Team Leader

I got out of the Marine Corps in 1993 after serving in the first Gulf war. It wasn't long before I realized I wanted to pursue a law enforcement career. I spent 21 years as a law enforcement officer. During that time, I worked a wide variety of assignments, and grew partnerships in the community.  I joined KSL while still working as a Sergeant at the Merced County Sheriffs Office. My years of police work and training complimented the mission KSL was devoted to, providing knowledge to a higher level than was typically offered to the general public. Training our education staff for emergency and critical incident response is an exciting, and rewarding assignment that I have been excited to hero with since my very first class.


In 2017 I was present as a spectator at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, where I experienced first hand being involved in an active shooter incident. While that was, and remains a very difficult event, the lessons I learned from it must be shared. While we can't control others actions, helping train those who could find themselves in a critical incident may very well save their lives or someone else. My knowledge through working with KSL helped me immensely to react, and not freeze during a horrific event. Knowledge truly does save lives, and I'm proud to be associated with KSL and to be able to contribute to the mission.



Senior Consultant/Team Leader

Mark is a 29-year veteran firefighter/engineer, USMC veteran and has been a first responder to major incidents, such as violent crimes with multiple victims and incident command center operations. Mark has also been assigned to several strike teams for major fires. from Southern California to Northern California, Mark is a   FEMA certified instructor on Incident Command Operations and Major Incident Response. Mark brings his knowledge of responding and teaching others how to respond to a major incident, such as an active shooter or another emergency on campus. He also has certified training in Haz Mat  Fire Prevention, Early Bomb recognition  and  Rescue Systems one and two.                                                                               “ I feel the training KSL provides is an especially important Tool for the public and can be used in any setting from work to everyday life.  As a Firefighter we train for the worst-case scenario all the time as my brothers do in law enforcement. We train for not if it might happen, as for when it does happen, we do not second guess our decisions. Being proactive is the first step in any training environment. It is a privilege and honor to help and share my knowledge with the public I have been involved in trainings for Schools, and school Buses and for large and small businesses and site assessments.   To me Providing important information and helping the public, is what being a first responder is all about”-Mark Frontella.


Senior Consultant/Team Leader

Jesse Diaz has more than 22 years of experience as an officer for the California Highway Patrol. He has worked in various capacities, including the assignments of Narcotics Task Force, Commercial Enforcement, Field Training Officer, Drug Recognition Expert, Officer Safety Training, and Background Investigator. Jesse has taught courses related to substance abuse and drug recognition to law enforcement agencies, including the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He has received training from the United States Department of Justice, California Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, Department of the Treasury, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

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Senior Consultant/Team Leader

Albert enjoyed a 29-year career in law enforcement before retiring from the Merced County District Attorney’s Office.  Albert served as a patrol officer, detective, and narcotics agent at multiple agencies early in his career, before moving to the Merced County Sheriff’s Department in 1999.  While at the Sheriff’s Department, Albert worked patrol, was a range master, a member of the dive team, and a field training officer.  In 2002 Albert was hired by the Merced County District Attorney’s Office as a Criminal Investigator and he served in that position for more than 18 years.  In addition to investigating homicides and general felonies at the District Attorney’s Office, Albert was the agency’s firearms and tactical instructor along with being the departments armorer.  Albert was also assigned to and ultimately served as the Commander of the Merced Multi Agency Gang Task Force.  Albert has testified as an expert witness on firearms and gangs in various matters over the years.  More recently, Albert has been providing firearms and tactical training to private individuals on a routine basis. Albert is a POST Certified Active Threat Instructor and has been instructing with KSL since 2015. 


Instructor/ Consultant

Sergio has 31 years of law enforcement experience in Southern California. During his time with Gardena PD, he worked patrol, motor officer, training officer, narcotics detective, traffic investigator, and was on SWAT as an operator or a team leader for over 28 years. He was on the peer support team and a department instructor in the areas of use of force, arrest and control, and driving. In addition, Sergio was instrumental in successfully managing a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety involving 20 agencies in LA County worth over $1.2 million annually. After promoting to Sergeant, he oversaw SWAT, District 3 supervisor (southern section of the City of Gardena), and a patrol shift supervisor. He was the weekend night shift Watch Commander when he retired this past year. Sergio was also employed for almost 15 years at El Camino College as a consultant for the South Bay Police Academy and an Adjunct faculty for the Administration of Justice department.

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Kevin has served as a police officer and field training officer with the University of California Merced Police Department for more than 10 years. Prior to working in the UC system, Kevin was a traffic officer and grant writer for the Los Banos Police Department for more than five years. Kevin has specific training on campus safety and emergency response safety measures. Kevin was a first responder during a terror attack resulting in multiple stabbing victims at a California campus.



Cody Nelson has served as a volunteer captain firefighter/engineer since 2002. Cody has training and experience in explosive identification for first responders, auto extraction, and confined space rescue. He has earned many certifications, including Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Firefighter 1. Cody is also a member of the active shooter medical response team for the Los Banos Fire Department. He has been on several strike teams for major fires across California with his knowledge of wildland fires. Cody brings specific knowledge and ability to teach others how to respond to major incidents and incident command.

Cody Nelson.png



Mike has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience. During his career, Mike has been employed with the California Highway Patrol, CA DOJ Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, U.S. Marshals Service, and is currently an Investigator with the Merced County District Attorney’s Office. Mike is a graduate of the Sherman Block Leadership Institute and is a certified instructor through the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigations. Mike was a certified defensive tactics instructor, senior range master, protection specialist with the U.S. Marshals, and was responsible for the management of numerous local, state, and federal units along with assigned investigators. He also served 6 years with the United States Marine Corps, achieving the rank of Sergeant. Lastly, Mike is very proud of working with youth sports for more than 25 years and is currently the President of the Clovis Rockets Youth Softball Organization.



Steve has more than 40 years of experience in law enforcement including several assignments during his time as a California Highway Patrolman, including patrol supervisor. His assignments include 14 years in the Central Division Protection Unit, working with the United States Secret Service. Steve also spent time working for the Merced County Sheriff's Office in the background unit.

David Webster.PNG



Dave began his law enforcement career in 2001 when he graduated from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy. Dave worked as a deputy for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in the Custody Division at the Pitchess Detention Facility-East Facility until 2004. Dave lateraled to the Ventura Police Department shortly after. David held many specialty assignments in his 16-year law enforcement career including Field Training Officer, Investigations, SWAT team tactical member, and Scenario-Based Training Instructor. Dave graduated with honors from UCLA, with a B.A. in Economics and History. Dave is also a recipient of the Ventura County Peace Officers Association Medal of Merit for Valor.



Jon has been a police officer for more than 16 years in Southern California.
He has worked a variety of assignments during his career, starting as a patrol officer. He has been a Gang Detective, Narcotics Detective, Field Training Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Field Training Supervisor, School Resource Officer, Program Manager, and he currently serves as Lieutenant and his department’s Public Information Officer (PIO).
Jon was a member of a regional SWAT Team for 7 years. He has also been an Active Shooter Response Instructor, teaching police officers how to respond to active shooting threats. Coupled with experience managing school resource officers, his work as an Active Shooter Instructor gives him an exceptional understanding of the importance of school safety. He is also a Drug Recognition Expert - Instructor, educating police officers and community members from throughout the state on issues surrounding drunk and drugged driving, including helping to recognize the signs and symptoms of those under the influence of drugs

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Tony has more than 22 years of law enforcement experience with the Fullerton Police Department. Early in his career, he was a full-time DARE officer and spent three years as a School Resource Officer. He has worked as a detective in the Family Crimes Unit, a detective in a full-time undercover surveillance unit, as well as a Field Training Officer. He supervised the Family Crimes Unit, Field Training Unit, and the Gang Unit before promoting to Lieutenant. He has been a part of the SWAT team for more than 18 years, from operator to team leader/supervisor, and now the commander.



Michael began his distinguished 20+ year law enforcement career with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department and later transferred to the Santa Monica Police Department. During his time in Santa Monica, Michael was selected for numerous special assignments which included: Mounted Patrol, SWAT, Gangs/Narcotics, Administration, Detective Sergeant and served as a patrol supervisor until his retirement.
Michael has many years of training and was responsible for writing the department’s Field Training Manual and Policy and Procedures manual. Michael was also an adjunct professor at the community college level and private universities.
After his retirement, Michael spent 10 years in the private sector as a regional sales manager working with prestigious companies such as Heckler and Koch until his recent retirement.
Michael brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to our team which he looks forward to sharing with our clients.




Buck is a 17-year veteran firefighter for the City of Lodi Fire Department. He is trained in swift water, confined space, trench, and urban search & rescue. During his career, he has worked in coordinated multi-agency operations in Northern and Southern California. Buck is currently a member of the rescue team and is an active Fire Investigator. He has taught courses in Emergency Medical Services and Technical Rescue. He has participated in National Emergency Preparedness Operations and instructed Response to Terrorism Training modules laid out by the Department of Homeland Security. Buck is an alumni graduate of UC Davis and brings his medical background & Paramedic experience to the rapidly changing & dynamic emergency situations & multi-casualty incidents we face today.