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Administrative & Accounting

Hailee King, Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager

Hailee King

With over four years of experience, Hailee provides key insights into KSL’s financial health. Upon joining the KSL team, Hailee assisted in streamlining the company’s operations, organization, and maintenance. In addition to being financially literate, Hailee possesses a deep understanding of accounting principles and management. Hailee is most passionate about financial data analysis, account auditing, and reconciliation. Hailee acquired her Masters of Business Administration degree from Stanislaus State University. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of California, Merced. Education has always played an important role in Hailee’s life and she looks forward to any and all opportunities to learn. When she’s not working, Hailee enjoys spending time with her family and partner, painting watercolor landscapes, and travelling to new places. She also enjoys watching Formula 1 racing (go Ferrari!). One of her top bucket list items is to watch a live Formula 1 race in Singapore.

Jenn Flora, Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator

Jenn Flora

Jenn was born and raised in Turlock and is a Pitman High School graduate. In 2016, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an Option in Management from California State University Los Angeles. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her wife and their 3 cats: Bellatrix, Padfoot & Tonks (Nugget). Jenn also enjoys Spartan Obstacle Races with her mom. They’ve completed 10+ races and absolutely love the challenge. She is also a Disney fanatic. She’s been to Disneyland more times than she can count. She and her wife bought annual passes as a honeymoon gift to each other and go as often as they can.

Sherine Jarman, Administrative Assistant


Sherine Jarman

Sherine Jarman is an experienced small business owner with over 19 years of expertise in business and office management. Throughout her career, she has successfully navigated the complexities of running and growing businesses. She takes great pride in finding innovative solutions to maximize productivity and efficiency. Sherine understands the crucial role that effective communication plays in the success of a business and enjoys collaborating with others to achieve shared goals and implementing effective strategies to drive success. She values dedication, collaboration, and continuous improvement both personally and professionally. Outside of her professional life, Sherine is happily married and the proud parent of six adult children. Family is central to her life, and she cherishes every moment spent with loved ones. When she's not at work, she enjoys cooking and experiencing new cuisines as well as traveling, as it allows her to broaden her horizons and gain new perspectives.

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