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A Step1 Device is a lockdown product that affixes to the interior of a classroom door, just above the door handle or mechanism. It keeps a door slightly ajar while allowing the door's lock mechanism to be engaged.


In a lockdown situation, the Step1 Device allows you to swiftly allow your door's lock to engage by sliding the Step1 Device in the closed position.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Installation Instruction Video

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When it comes to a classroom lockdown, securing the door needs to be the priority. The Step1 Device helps teachers not only secure the door first but do it faster than any other method. To standardize how schools conduct lockdowns, teachers and staff need to be able to secure the door quickly and efficiently. Replacing door locks is extremely expensive and not always feasible. The STEP1 Device provides a low cost, standardized solution to classroom lockdowns. To receive a free sample for your school or district, send us an email at 


How the Step1 Device Empowers

  • Allows your door to be secured, and ready for a lockdown situation.

  • Green indicator lets the teacher know if the door is ajar.

  • Red indicator lets them know the door is closed, and secure.

  • Allows teachers to control access to the classroom.

  • Keeps the door locked at all times.

  • Serves as a door blocking device.

  • Standardizes classroom lockdowns and gives teachers full ​​control of room access

  • Will work on any outward opening classroom or office door. 

Product Specifications

  • THREE YEAR WARRANTY Product replacement for up to 3 years of purchase.

  • Guarantee if installed properly, the STEP1 Device will not come off the door from everyday use for up to three years after installing it. 

  • Does not require additional material, such as screws, that can damage a fire rated door.

  • Installed to the door with 3M® VHB tape creating the strongest bond.

  • The Step1 is a Safety Device that meets both ADA and DSA retrofitting standards in California. 

  • Comes with a sticker for the door, to let everyone know how to use it and what to do with it in an emergency.

  • Made from durable, solid natural rubber.

  • Rubber materials allows for reliable finger grip contact when unengaging door from being ajar.

  • Designed to be pulled with force, over, and over again without bending or breaking.

  • Handles, and silences the roughest attempts at a slammed door.

  • Patent pending pull ring design provides "effortless slide" design when engaging, and unengaging door from being ajar.


With your Step1 Device purchase, included in your package will be an alcohol wipe and an informational sticker. In addition to these items, you will need a pencil and a tape measure (installation instruction links at top of page).

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