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Blue Skies
Site Specific Lockdown Training

Our Passion

For Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc., helping people gain new skills and acquire knowledge in safety and emergency preparedness is not only a commitment, it is a passion. With our KSL Campus Training Center, a wide variety of courses and trainings, as well as emergency preparedness consulting, our dedicated team of instructors make learning effortless and empowering.

KSL Campus-Northern California Training Facility

Our Regions & Industries

Serving clients throughout the west coast either through our Northern California headquarters or through our Los Angeles/Orange County Division, with National solutions also available. Established in 2010, we have proudly served insurance companies, public and private schools, community colleges and universities, small and large businesses, churches, healthcare organizations and City, County, State, and Federal agencies.

Solutions offered in California & Nationally by our experienced training team.

Our Solutions Include:

Site-Specific Lockdown Training for schools.


Site Specific Workplace Violence Prevention & Mitigation.

Active Shooter Training for Bus Drivers.

Communication &

De-Escalation Courses


Emergency Management & Operations Plans.

Vulnerability & Risk Assessments, Wildfire Prevention & Mitigation

Classroom Lockdown Device


And Much, Much More!  

Emergency Preparedness Solutions & Training

A few of our Clients

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