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A Special Thank You to KSL, Inc.'s Clients and New Partners

We would like to welcome our newest clients! Alvord Unified School District has joined the team recently to provide their staff with SB390 Campus Security training, special thanks to Sandy Fielding, Director II - Student Services, and Julie Bostrom, Assistant to the Director! Oak Grove Center joined on to provide their staff with Site Specific Lockdown Training, thank you Tammy Wilson, CEO for making this a priority for your staff to keep everyone safe.

We are so excited to continue our relationship with our multi-year client Orange County Department of Education for bringing the SB390 Campus Security Training back to your entire District! Thank you Christine Laehle, Program Specialist, Violence Prevention/School Safety/Emergency Preparedness for always standing at the forefront of safety!

We are also happy to renew our relationship with McSwain Union Elementary School District who have signed on for a District-Wide Risk Assessment project. Thank you to Sarah Coate, Director of Human Resources and Administrative Assistant for being proactive in keeping your staff and students safe!

As we brave this year's busy training season, we can't help but feel thankful for all of our incredible clients! Enjoy your week and stay safe!

To learn more about how we can help your school, district, or County office, visit us at #knowledgesaveslives

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