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For 2022 we have added additional staff, reorganized our structure and updated our programs. Active Threat Scenario (Active Shooter) training is our flagship training program but we have added so much more for the new year.

New for 2022

  • SMART (Social Media Administrator Response Program)

  • Updated SB 290 Training

  • BTAT (Behavioral Threat Analysis Team) training

  • Additional teams for EOP's (Emergency Operations Plans)

  • Additional teams for Site Safety Plans

  • Crisis Communications (We have experienced/professional PIO's to help you message during critical incidents)

Additional Products

  • Camera Mapping - Camera placement - We focus on the lowest number of cameras possible to reduce equipment and installation costs, bandwidth issues, and ease of use.

  • Workplace Violence Mitigation and Prevention - This customized program provides site-specific layers of protection from an active threat in your workplace or church.

  • Customized Safety Leadership Training - We create a customized curriculum to provide best practices, lessons learned and better understanding to emergency preparedness.

  • ICS (Incident Command System) - We can train your leadership team how to build and operate a customized ICS.

  • Wildfire Prevention & Mitigation Mapping - Expert fire prevention specialists create an interactive highly detailed map to address hazards before they turn into fuel for a potential fire.

  • Subject Matter Expert Consulting - Do you need help creating security standards to comply with Title IV? Do you need to write or update your Emergency Operations Plan? Are you looking to recruit a department head to oversee public safety and security? Do you need to create safety and security policies to match your school or work culture? We can help you with all of those projects and more! Contact one of our consultants today to learn how we can take the work off your desk and let us give you the final product you're looking for.

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