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KSL, Inc. at CASCWA 2022!

Northern California Projects Director John Wilson and Director of Client Services David Westrick at the 2022 California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance Conference in Lake Tahoe.

Thank you to all who took some time to visit our Vendor Booth. KSL, Inc. provided two breakout seminars featuring our De-escalation & Communication and our Lockdown training courses. Please refer to course descriptions below if you are interested in bringing these trainings to your District!

Communication and De-escalation

John Wilson, NorCal Projects Director

This workshop provides verbal and kinesic tools to safely and effectively accomplish the following: maintain composure, establish rapport, communicate well, establish cooperation, and gain compliance with students, parents, members of the public, peers, and administration. Additionally, the course provides important insight into understanding crisis, predictability and biases.

Active Threat Scenario Training

John Wilson, NorCal Projects Director

Featuring: B.O.B.

How can I keep myself safe during an active threat situation? What are the best practices for conducting a lockdown in my school? How can a site specific emergency response serve as an effective protocol to various emergencies? Answer these questions with this completely interactive workshop. This site specific lockdown training program is being utilized by hundreds of California School districts.

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