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KSL & Mariposa County Commit to a 3-Year Project

We would like to welcome our newest clients, Mariposa County, on our joint commitment to providing Emergency Preparedness, Situational Awareness, and Active Threat Training to all Mariposa County employees annually for the next three years.

Nor. Cal Projects Director Anthony Escobar worked diligently on the logistics and planning of this project in order to provide smooth collaboration between all interested parties. It is our goal to make the planning as well as the contract phase as seamless as possible.

We would like to thank Supervisor Tom Sweeney for a positive comment he shared regarding his review of our contract, "This is one of the best scope definitions for a contract I've seen since I've been here, this is a good job."

It was also a pleasure working with Rhonda Scherf, Legal Executive Assistant to County Counsel of Mariposa County. It is so nice working with such a kind and efficient person. This made the contractual and logistical experience so smooth.

We are thankful for the opportunity to provide emergency preparedness training to all Mariposa County employees over the next three years!

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