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What is a "Step1 Device"

A Step1 Device is a lockdown product that keeps a door slightly ajar while allowing the door knob to be in locked position. Why is this important? In a lockdown situation, the Step1 Device allows a teacher to swiftly allow the door's lock to engage by sliding the Step1 Device in the closed position.

It is the goal of Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc. (KSL) to empower educators to act quickly and confidently in an emergency situation by combining knowledge with muscle memory. If your campus experiences a threat that requires you to lockdown immediately, we want your first thought to be, "Step One - Secure Door".

When it comes to a classroom lockdown, securing the door needs to be the priority. The Step1 device helps teachers not only secure the door first but do it faster than any other method.

To standardize how schools conduct lockdowns, teachers and staff need to be able to secure the door quickly and efficiently. Replacing door locks is extremely expensive and not always feasible. The STEP1 Device provides a low cost, standardized solution to classroom lockdowns. ​


The STEP1 is affixed to the interior of the classroom door, just above the door handle or mechanism. The STEP1 serves as a door blocking device so the teacher can control access into the classroom, while still keeping the door locked at all times. The green indicator lets the teacher know if the door is open while the red indicator lets them know the door is closed and secure. The STEP1 will work on any outward opening classroom or office door.

For more information or to place an order, visit the Lockdown Product page on our website. Click here for Step1 Device FAQ's.

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